BSU 011316

Let me start off by saying.......Yes I know, I'm late lol. Let me also mention how much this technique is sooooo NOT my thing. What technique is it??? Punch Art! :)
It never has been a strong technique for me. When I'm forced....yes Terri, Forced to do this technique I always have trouble thinking outside the box. Not to mention I'm not a big punch user either. Case in point.....These two punches that I used today I have maybe used less than five times each. If you look closely you will see that I utilized the Ever beloved and over used (in my opinion) Owl Punch. LOL Yes I'm being snarky but I think it's because I have punch art envy for you "out of the box" thinkers. ;) I also used the Festive Flower Builder punch to do my leaves on this card. I added my sentiment using the SAB Hello stamp set as well as Crazy About you stampset. Its simple and very basic, but hey I atleast participated all be it late! ....Now don't forget to hop over to Terri's blog and Stace's blog and look at the creative and lovely submissions they came up with. I'm certain they are much more creative than mine this week. LOL Have a great week everyone.....!


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