GREAT TIP..................

Okay so the more you use your cricut the more you go through your mats. Mats are expensive. $12.99 for two 12x12s. So I went searching online to see what people were doing about this, and I found out everyone is reconditioning their mats. No way, does this really work? I found several different ways of doing it and they were all basically the same idea. Some cleaned their old mats first some didn't. Some used spray glue products.....most used Zig two way chisel tipped jumbo glue pen. Okay so something here has to work right? But my thought was is it going to stay sticky for long? Is it going to be too sticky and ruin my paper?? Yikes it was scary to me. LOL BUT....I was running out of good mats and running plentiful on old yucky non sticky mats. So I took the plunge. The following is what I did.............and it work beautifully! I was shocked at how well it work!

You will need....
Rubbing Alcohol... what maybe a $1.00 at your local grocery or Pharm
a scraper......I used a small metal spatula from my kitchen that never gets used otherwise LOL Online most were using their scraper from the cricut tool kits.
a towel
and a ZIG two-way big chisel tipped glue pen UPC # 015586476019 $6.49 or something like that at my store. (Michaels)

I poured about two tablespoons of alcohol on my yucky mat and slowly spread it around with the spatula. Just let it get the whole mat wet and soak in for about 3-5 min. Then with my scraper/spatula I began scraping off all the old adhesive residue from the mat. (took about 3-5 mins to get it all scraped loose. made a pile in the middle of the mat and then scraped it into trash when it was all done. I then ...after making sure I had a clean mat with no glue boogers on it....rinsed it with water and dried it thoroughly.

So now I have a clean smooth dry mat. With the Zig pen I started in one corner and ran the pen over the mat, being sure to cover ever inch of it with the pen. Careful to not go into the green edges of the mat cause you don't want the glue to get on your rollers of your machine!  Just a nice light layer of wet glue over the whole light colored part of your mat. Then let dry somewhere safe.....You don't want some one putting their fingers on it or a pet to jump up on it....(oh my could you imagine) LOL Anyway let it dry for a while. Online they said at least 30 min....I just did mine before I went to work and they were ready to go when I came home! You know that thing about a watched pot right????

So I get home and pull out the mat......hmmmmm idk....I'm skeptical......but I tried it out and OMG it worked great! I was afraid it was going to be too sticky or that my paper would curl and warp up but it didn't I wouldn't suggest using thin pattern paper right off the bat was BEAUTIFUL on card stock.

So for under $8.00 to get started you can recondition your cricut mats over and over for pennies a time! It's okay to be skeptical...............but TRY IT! You'll see!

Halloween Card

Pick of the patch card using Mini Monsters Cricut Cartridge. Cut pumpkin at 3 inches. Cut out phrase approx 2 inch. Ticked the card with a black marker. For added umph.

Just Because Cards

Get well card made from the Cricut Cartridge "Just Because Cards" 6x6 card whale is image 3-4 cut at 3 inches. I used a silver sequin for his eye and put the layers together using dimensionals ( pop dots ).

Halloween Card

Just messing around. Mini Monsters and for the life of me I can't remember where I got the pumpkin from lol or the moon for that matter. I was just playing around on the gypsy learning how it works. I think I cut a 6x6 frame card then cut the fence and tree out and layered an orange piece of cs... It was kind of a frame card gone wrong! LOL Oh well it's still kinda fun!

Halloween Card

Girlie Halloween Card again from Mini Monsters the spider 3-7 6x6 card used vellum to back the web! :)

Acetate Card

This is a fun card I saw someone make on YouTube so I copied it.... Well mostly. It's a pretty cute idea. I used cricut create a critter cart 2-10, and cut the fish bowl out of acetate. Loved this idea had to try it myself. Hope you enjoy too try it its fun! Oh and you don't have to use the deep cut blade... You can use your regular blade!

Hip Hip Hooray

She's cute right?? Hahaha
Create a Critter hippo 3-1.

Pull Card

Front of card....So this is a fun little project. I used Paper from Uptown Flair glitter stack by The Paper Studio. I used the pull card feature from Going Places cartridge (the last one in the book..both the slide card and envie)  Then the model from Forever Young cartridge. # 1-9. Black Organdy ribbon (retired SU) and a button I got forever ago at Michaels. I was thinking this would make a super cute invite for a" Girlie Party " Hope you enjoy the project...Try it out it's fast and easy!

Pull Card

Pulled up

Pull Card

The card pulled all the way out

Pull Card

The back view ...


Well it's finished! I totally went crazy and added a ton of bling! It was fun and I like the way it turned out! Pretty Stinking Cute!


Well I haven't had a very productive day off and it's almost over. Lol. But I did start on this sweet little page....! Not sure where I'm headed with it, didn't really start with a plan just a cute pic of little vannie. But one thing is for sure it will be very girlie with lots of bling like miss Savannah.


So I used the Robotz cart for the font and the characters! Still feel this needs a little something more but I'm okay with it for now.

Create a Critter

Here's a cute little card made with the caterpillar from create a critter. I think this little guy is so cute! And it's a happy card in bright cheery colors!


Cute little fraidy cat card also using the card shape feature. For added fun I used some Halloween googlie eyes I picked up at Michaels arts and crafts



Fun little card made using the card feature on the cricut. Love this because it makes a great shape card instead of just a boring plain card!!

Inside of skeleton card


Totally have to take a moment and brag about this little guy! Meet Mr Fischer Brack Stevenson. He's my great nephew! Too cute!

Halloween Cards

A small start to my spooky cards this year! I love Halloween time. Cutesie not scary! Hahaha


So another favorite cart is the Mini Monsters. Here's a scrap page of my grand children Kanoa and Ashlyn.


The rooster is from Just Because Cards

More Hoots


Yup I'm addicted to the Owls


This is a cute little card I made for a coworker's Birthday! She loved it by the way!

Thinking Of You

I totally fell in love with these owls. They are just so sweet!!

So Happy For You

Hoot and Holler cartridge! LOVE LOVE LOVE the Owls! Again I'll be posting more of these little guys!
This is a scrap page I made with the Forever Young Cricut Cartridge. Love this cartridge with all the models and purses on it! 


It's been a long time since I've been on this blog! LOL Okay so maybe I'll try to work on this a bit more! I have fallen in love with my Cricut.....Deeply in love! Thanks to some inspiring people on the net I've been learning so much more on how to use this machine that I purchased over three years ago! So I'm guessing that what you will be seeing is a lot of my projects that I'll be creating from the Cricut.