Canvas Vinyl Project

This was a pretty interesting project......when is starts out smooth and you're feeling good about how it's coming out....yaaaaay it's going to be so cool!! Then something happens and the craft gods snicker and it all goes south!!! Planned it....cut it.....weeded it.....transferred to the transfer paper just beautifully, sweeeet, then it wouldn't stick to the canvas!! Huh? I've done this before! It worked before...! Ah different type of vinyl . Crap!! Okay so maybe it would stick if I painted the canvas? Nope! How about mod podge??? Nope! So then I get the grand idea to spray the back of the letters while on the transfer paper with spray glue!!! Though this worked somewhat.....I had painstakingly slow time of getting it off the transfer paper. Ugh. Thought about tossing it several times but hung in there and made it work! Oh look....after all of had a "creative angle" to it. Yes it's crooked but oh well it's going on the wall lol!!!

Canvas vinyl Project

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