Reindeer Frame

Snow Frame

Another Frame

Finally a Christmas Frame

So I've been wanting to get started on these but haven't had the chance. Finally got some play time!
Okay so have been a little crazy for me and my house over the last month or so. Lots of changes and stresses....but I think we are on the road to improvement and things might just get a tad bit worse before they get better but there is, at least, some light at the end of the tunnel. Thank Goodness....! I think because of it all the creative mojo has left me so I'm trying to settle in and start pulling it back together. Sorry I haven't posted in a while.......hoping to change that here soon! Holidays are coming and I have lots of okay ideas but none that really excite me. So I'm still looking for inspiration. LOL Hang in there though....I will be back at it soon enough.