Tinker Bell

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Having fun playing with the Disney carts!

Play off time!!!

Made up some silver and black pride for the playoff season this year!!! Wooohooo GOSPURSGO!!!

Teacher "Thank You" Cards

I made up some thank you cards for my grandsons teachers at school. Fun project using the create a friend cart, and my Cricut Explore.

Embossed Butterfly

Embossed Butterfly

On this project I tried my hand at embossing foiled paper with the scoring stylist on my Cricut Explore! It worked so well!!! All you have to do is change your cut lines to the score lines in Design Space then I cut the shadow layer! So easy! So beautiful! Have I mentioned I love my a Explore??? Lol

Balsa Wood

Tried my hand at cutting balsa wood with my Explore. It worked quite well!!! 1/16 inch balsa wood that I picked up at the craft store. Very happy with the results and now I can make my own embellishments to coordinate with my projects!!! Explore you are amazing. #explorecricut

Sport cups

I decorated these sport cups from the dollar store for my grandsons this summer!! I was at a loss as to what to put on them, I asked their mommy what she thought and she told my Carson with superman logo for the S, and then a batman logo with Tristan's name.......OKAY.....so I was able to find the images and load them in design space and create my daughters vision!!! So excited to have the boys here!!