This is looking to the front of the house! Our rose bush sure looks good huh?
Cozy area to relax at the end of the day!
So this year we decided to try our hand at container gardening. So we got a bunch of containers, some good dirt, a few starts and some seeds. Praying the whole time we planted the seeds and and the starts. So we should begin to see if we did it right in about two weeks. Kind of excited about this process. Have always loved the idea of it.

This was a fun card I recieved from a group RAK.  Happy Mail. Shari Dudek is the artist. SU products. Love It. 
Pick A Petal

Just goofin off 

These were the Easter cards I made for the grandkids this year!
Priceless Collage
Petal Pizazz

My Desk
This is from a neat little set called fun and fast notes.
These two are Kanoa and Ashlyn. (my texas babies). So sweet they are! Dont let that sweet face of hers fool ya though....she'll take her brother down in a heartbeat!
This is Tristan and Carson (the little guys that are moving). They are ALL boy. Rough and tumble yet so very sweet!
This is a hint of a project that will be shared a little later. I'm making a picture book for my grandsons to take with them on their move across the U.S. A little something to help them remember the family members they had to leave behind!
I have been able to do a little stamping lately.
Terry and I had a great time getting out and enjoying the much missed and highly anticipated sunshine today. Took a small hike on the Fort to Sea Trail this afternoon. 4 miles of wilderness and cow pastures.