YAAAAY made it thru Mother Nature's wrath! I'm down 10lbs from my start date ......Have had a few detours along the way but mostly good days! I'm excited about that! Feeling much better that's for sure! I'm liking my results! :)
Just Blahhhh! Long week for me still to come! Not feeling myself! I think I'm having a Monday! To Be Continued............
Didn't sleep very well last night. Had the devil of a time trying to get to sleep and then of course the alarm went off way too early! BUT! I didn't hit snooze and drug my butt outta bed! Got my workout in, Yay! Full shift at work today! It's kind of a busy weekend with Father's Day, the Sand Castle's in CB, and a muscle car show in downtown, then just the usual summer tourists. The day should be pretty crazy at work so I got my workout in before cause I know I'm gonna be too tired after! We prepared the days meals last night so for today I only have to cook dinner! So.....now to have breakfast and take a shower, then off to work! Yeeeesssss! I'm doing this!
So I can feel that mother nature is gonna start bugging me soon BLAH! I hate the sluggish blah feeling .............! Hard to stay motivated but then feel guilty if I don't do anything! FOCUS! FOCUS! hahahaha Slept in had a late breakfast! Did my workout, time for snack then gotta get the rest of the days meals done so I can go to work! Sun is out today! YAAAAAAAY Bummer I have to go to work but probably safer for me! LOL Harder to cheat at work! I'm always too busy to think about food!
Got up and made breakfast then got snacks and lunch ready for the day! Got my workout in now it's shower time then off to work! Hardest thing about working with this program is planning the daily meals and snacks ahead of time making and packing them up,  when I have to work! Gone are the lazy days of staying in bed till I had to go to work! LOL It's seems I put in a day before my shift! Hahahaha most peeps do this everyday.......I have never had to! Love the new changes in life. I'm doing this!
Okay it's been a few days! Had a slight set back last night! Had some cocktails and ended up eating a cheeseburger. LOL Yup got drunk and cheated! My diet that is! Got back on track today though and had a good one. Finished our first week today and a nine pound loss for the week is pretty good I think! Keeping the end goal in sight! I will do this!
Okay another day complete! Getting the hang of the food thing. Great recipes so at least it's yummy! As if I didn't have enough motivation my mom points out to me today that my butt is getting wider! Gee thanks Mom! Don't hold nothing back! As if I wasn't aware of my size! Grrrrrrr!
Day four comes to a close and though I've been tempted I haven't taken the bait! LOL Staying on track! Yay!
Today's mid morning snack was kind of tough to choke down but I did it. 1 Cup Greek Yogurt with a tablespoon of flax seed and a 1/2 cup of blueberries.  I don't know why but it just didn't seem to go together very well! LOL
06-12-10: Weighed in this morning at almost 7 lbs down from my start! 225.8 That's at least a little reassuring to me! LOL I know they tell you not to focus on the scale but when it's on the downward fall its pretty exciting! Just makes me realize how unhealthy I've been eating and how much my body didn't like it! I am expecting some dramatic changes with my body at first because it's such a different way of eating for me. Then incorporating the exercise program with it. My mindset has always been that I couldn't eat very much if I wanted to lose weight. With this program I get plenty to eat, and it's real food not bars or shakes. Learning that I could have done this all along, that this has always been in my power to control. so if I fail......it's my own fault. I don't want to fail! I CAN do this!
So in looking at that last photo of me playing with Tristan, I realized that something had to start changing! Starting with my weight! I gathered together all the tools I need for a serious weight loss challenge. My biggest keys being 
1. I got a treadmill (no more excuses about the weather being too bad to walk)!
2. I bought a book for guidance ( The biggest Loser...6 weeks to a healthier you)! 
So My goal is to see just how much I can lose in 6 weeks. I started 06-09-10 by taping, weighing, and taking pictures of myself. 
I weigh 232.3 I'm 43 yrs old and 5ft7in. I'm not really brave enough to show the pictures because they were pretty graphic lol......If i can make a stark change then maybe I will post them at a later date. For now you can go by the pic of me on the floor. Haha. Day one was a change.....eating way more often than I'm used to but surprisingly the portions aren't bad! Ended up cheating at the end of the day but I hated the thought of wasting the leftovers from PF Chang's the night before! Terrible I know! Today was better........stayed on the plan to a T and got my workout in! My next big challenge will be to incorporate my work schedule into this. Shouldn't be too hard since I have a break every two hours...but it will just take planning ahead on my part. I've never been that great at it. LOL So this will be my Diary if you will of my progress through all of this. Wish my well! I really need to lose some pounds and feel healthier. I refuse to buy a larger size pants! Hahahahaha

Playing on the floor with Tristan

Our Tomatoes

Blue birds in the back yard

Okay Mama...I'm Done!
Tristan Had a wonderful time playing in the ocean! He got pretty upset when it was time to leave! Hhahahaha

Took the boys to beach! Amanda, Carson, Tristan and I.