So in looking at that last photo of me playing with Tristan, I realized that something had to start changing! Starting with my weight! I gathered together all the tools I need for a serious weight loss challenge. My biggest keys being 
1. I got a treadmill (no more excuses about the weather being too bad to walk)!
2. I bought a book for guidance ( The biggest Loser...6 weeks to a healthier you)! 
So My goal is to see just how much I can lose in 6 weeks. I started 06-09-10 by taping, weighing, and taking pictures of myself. 
I weigh 232.3 I'm 43 yrs old and 5ft7in. I'm not really brave enough to show the pictures because they were pretty graphic lol......If i can make a stark change then maybe I will post them at a later date. For now you can go by the pic of me on the floor. Haha. Day one was a change.....eating way more often than I'm used to but surprisingly the portions aren't bad! Ended up cheating at the end of the day but I hated the thought of wasting the leftovers from PF Chang's the night before! Terrible I know! Today was better........stayed on the plan to a T and got my workout in! My next big challenge will be to incorporate my work schedule into this. Shouldn't be too hard since I have a break every two hours...but it will just take planning ahead on my part. I've never been that great at it. LOL So this will be my Diary if you will of my progress through all of this. Wish my well! I really need to lose some pounds and feel healthier. I refuse to buy a larger size pants! Hahahahaha


  1. Best of luck to you Carol! I know that you can do this! If I can you can!!
    I support you all the way!!