06-12-10: Weighed in this morning at almost 7 lbs down from my start! 225.8 That's at least a little reassuring to me! LOL I know they tell you not to focus on the scale but when it's on the downward fall its pretty exciting! Just makes me realize how unhealthy I've been eating and how much my body didn't like it! I am expecting some dramatic changes with my body at first because it's such a different way of eating for me. Then incorporating the exercise program with it. My mindset has always been that I couldn't eat very much if I wanted to lose weight. With this program I get plenty to eat, and it's real food not bars or shakes. Learning that I could have done this all along, that this has always been in my power to control. so if I fail......it's my own fault. I don't want to fail! I CAN do this!


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