So what do you know about Smash Books?? Fairly new trend, I have to laugh because I started something similar to this once. It's kind of like a journal but more artsy or whimsical. you add a lot of outside elements like receipts and ticket, notes, jotted down, thoughts and napkins, matchbooks, lists like daily to do's or plans, sketch ideas, goals, various memorabilia from special events. I plan to get some Blinkies to some sites for Smash books so stay tuned for those.(that way you can get ideas for design your own). Not sure how much I'll share of mine maybe more at a distance. I think of them as being somewhat least I know that's my plan for mine.My challenge more myself is to actually finish it from start to finish lol  Not a strong point for me so yes a true challenge. LOLSo get a book they have actual smash books...or a spiral or three ring small binder and let the creativity flow. Let me know if you decide to try it out and share comments of what you think of the idea.


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